If you have, or you know someone that have 100K$ in plus, then let's save our world!

I ask a loan of 100k$ for things that will change life of all humans in better directions, also I will reward those ones that will help me to realize this.


Greeting dear reader. I hope you are in good disposition, health and with a warm sun shining in your soul, after winter holidays. Please don't judge me hard for my English as it's my 5th language, I don't know this language on perfection so it's something ordinary to make some mistakes. I will try to be enough short, plausible and pliant for be understandable.

In this new year of 2018 I woke up with enthusiasm, I realized that I want to change my life. I want to become better and I want to make our wonderful world a better place for all. It's not just a sensation that appeared now (on winter holidays), it was born on my mind about 9years ago and it evolved enough to be ready for a start.

It's not a secret that our human society it's in a big shit, that becomes bigger by each second, thanks to humans hypocrisy that it's boundless. We have a lot of problems on all fields as education, medicine, economy, jurisprudence, politics, diplomacy, international or interracial relationships... but most important it's the problem that we haven't find yet “common language” for entire world, that means we haven't learned yet how to live together on this tinny planet and how to become really productive and efficient. In entire world, each year millions of humans dies from starvation or malnutrition and in the same time millions dies because of eating to much or eating a lot of bad products that are legally sold on worldwide markets. Conflict of interests of those who have power in their hands (that are controlled by other ones with money on their hands, or by some entities from shadows), bring to continuous wars between nations, that fact cause death to another millions... with other words we live in a perfect functional world where almost everything it's imperfect. With my analytical mind, I saw thousands possible evolutions of our world and almost all of them are lethal for all of us (soon or later), but sure a lot of evolutions may be good and few of them are really wonderful for all, last ones deserves all efforts to be realized.

I'm less than 30 years old man in a stronghold of ideas, with a little farm on a little town from a little country. I have a job that I've made and that bring me about 9000$ per year, sure at this moment you may think that I'm a looser but the true is that in my country such amount almost not everyone can get from an ordinary job. I have a family and with these moneys we are living normal and decent life, but I also have enough relatives that require attention and I have enough friends that also require some spendings, and on my path I found all kind of humans that needed help and that I've decided to help financially. If to be honest, I can't rise enough money in my country for things that are really important for changing in better direction our world, things that I really want to do. I may get more moneys on other countries but I don't want to leave all people that I love and go somewhere else in the world (in other countries) with closed eyes. Until now, I was feeling good by doing great things around me for people with that I interact and receive love for love that I share, but I understand that I can do even more better things for even more people, sure if someone will give help that I require here.

I know that I'm not the most smartest human in the world but I also know that I'm not the most stupid one as I've done 20 years of studies, I've read more that 500 books and I've watched thousands of movies, almost every day I read or watch mass disinformation on news, so I understand very well in what kind of world do we live and I know how to resolve most of our problems, but only by my self I can't do very much global changing. I also have a part of genius in me as I've created few mental worlds, I've visited thousands of them and I've got some really brilliant ideas, but I was never enough lucky to rise enough money for making them come true. I know what to do, from what to start and where do I will go but for a good and sure success in helping of entire world, I also need help. Grudgingly I'm not superman and time don't wait me to rise money for resolving of actual problems and of more ones that are born each second, this is why I've decided to make this announcement/request of lending, it may decide a lot how our world will be. Most humans rise moneys with help of other humans, until now I was just enough proud to not make such requests and made moneys by my self.

I have a big plan of changing our entire world and transforming it in to a real paradise where everyone will live a beautiful, healthful and social active life. No I'm not planing to become president as I don't like to be a lier and a marionette, and I'm not referring to one single country or region, I want to make happy and united entire world. Sure It's a big wish for such a small human as me, (as Santa didn't bring it yet), and sure a lot of readers now will say that I'm very naive, but be sure that I'm an realist, and I know that this wish may be realized, not easy but...

With unarmed eyes you may see a chaos in our world but if you can see causes and effects you may be able to see that in time, little things can change big ones.

Now let's get close to subject: why do I need this amount (100.000$).

I'm not very friendly with promoting of some products or with reaching big audience, so if someone will help me to find someone from who to loan required amount, and will can make prove that he bring that person to me I will reward it with 1000$.

First of all I will reserve 10.000$ for living of my entire family for entire year and I will quit my job that take about 10h from my ordinary day, and I will spend the same time for writing of a book that I've started. This book It's about healthful lifestyle and will teach every reader how to live a life of + 100 years , I'm sure that it will save billions of lives and will change mentality of all readers in positive direction. (also I have another ones subjects for books but they may wait). I'm sure that in 3-5 months I will finish it and then I will spend 5000$ for editing it in English, as I'm sure that there will be enough grammatical mistakes.

With 5000$ I will make a machinery for construction of ecological and personalized shoes from wood, resins and textiles.

1000$ I will spend for patents on few inventions.

With 1000$ I will make some researches in creation of a new electric generators, that will generate easy and ecological energy, they will may stay on base of a new society.

5.000$ I will spend for a PC powerful enough for virtual 3dimensional construction of the world that I want to create in reality. It's and architectural, engineering and social project more advanced then “Venera” of Jacque Fresco. World that can become true in about 10 years and that will become an real paradise for those who will live there.

10.000$ I will pay for assistance of 2 persons in all those projects for a year.

And rest I will invest in creation of a presentation and of a beta version of a site (at moment let's say “x”) that will unite all nations and humans. Presentation for crow-funding, I will make attractive and clear for understating of causes why this project it's very important for social cohesion and our best further evolution. This site will be monetized and will bring a stable profits, for all subscribers, that will only rise with time (both profits and subscribers).

So I have good spheres that requires more finances, I have what to do and where to invest, I can seed good things and harvest enough money to return yours back (and something furthermore).


If you will be agree to cooperate with me, and give me a loan of 100.000$ for 1year, I will can start to change our world in to a better direction then it is. I will just need you to send me on e-mail: [email protected] , general information about you (your contact, e-mail, Name, age, occupation/profession, nationality etc ) and prove/provenience of money that you may give me as loan. I will open my entity only to the one that I will be agree to contract with, as I don't want to give a future wealth to someone that don't deserve it, and select one that will may utilize it in most wonderful ways.

If you decided that I don't deserve your attention, then let's pray that someone else will do our world better in some ways as thats. I will just move much slower but I know my way...


After opening of my entity and before of funds transfer, we will sign a contract of lending, that will make you to be sure that I will respect my commitments (that will be listed below).


What you will receive:

1. In max 1 year you will get your 100K back;

2. You will get 1% of pure profit from site”x” will bring (for example I will have 2%, rest 97% will be alloted to the site itself and spheres of public interests, but this 1% I'm sure will be thousands of dollars each week after few years of existence);

4. I will facilitate implementation of your 5 wishes (that are realizable);

5. You will be the first one that will got information about a possibility of investment in to a profitable and lawful domain that I will open in 2018;

6. I will also share with you book that I will write, so you will find plenty much useful information for yourself and people that you love;

7. If you will like I will promote your name as one of site founders;

8. We will negotiate all points of contract;

9. I will become your friend and you will may count on my future help.



Everybody deserves a better life. We are living in a wonderful world that it's in a permanent evolution, how it will be - we all decide by our actions. We must act in most beautiful ways for making our world a beautiful place, and also don't let bad things to happen (with anyone). Give me a chance and I will don't disappoint. I will do the best that I will can and 99,9% I will do it in the best way.



For questions and future interactions send an e-mail to: [email protected]

or we may have a chat on http://atlayofke5rqhsma.onion (Clearnet link --> Atlayo.com) , there you may find me on profile “Change World” (profile picture = a world with humans around it that are shaking hands)


Have a nice day, everyday!