How to use Daniel's Hosting Service

A simple guide to creating .onion domain on Daniel's Hosting


You have certainly come across Daniel's services.

This is the largest hosting here on TOR Network.

-- Now let's look at how to build on its hosting page. --

Before reading this manual, please read the hosting rules that you must respect. (Picked from Daniel's site)

  • No child pornography!
  • No terroristic propaganda!
  • No illegal content according to German law!
  • No malware! (e.g. botnets)
  • No phishing!
  • No scams!
  • No spam!
  • No shops, markets or any other sites dedicated to making money! (This is a FREE hosting!)
  • No proxy scripts! (You are already using TOR and this will just burden the network)
  • No IP logger or similar de-anonymizer sites!
  • I preserve the right to delete any site for violating these rules and adding new rules at any time.

You can find the Hosting List of services HERE (Click here for Clearnet)

 1) Get some FTP Client (FileZilla or WinSCP)

 2) Make account on Hosting  -- (**VIA_TOR**) (**VIA_CLEARNET**)

     2.1) If you want to have the address with its own Prefixs generate your GPG Key (Eg. scallion [By: Lachesis]) and insert the generated key in the registration to the "Custom private key (optional)" field

 GPG Key

 3) Setting up FTP Client for connection to the your new Domain

Note: If you want to connect via Clearnet Use as the Host name address

 Connect to the TOR Network via Proxy

 Go to (in Menu) Edit>Settings...>>Generic proxy

Select Type proxy as SOCKS5






Note 2: If you don't want to use the FTP Client is available FileManager on the Hosting


 FTP Client is now ready. You can start upload.


If you need to set up some special features on the site, you can write directly to Daniel via the Contact form (Clearnet) or here on the network.

NOTE: Before asking questions please check here: FAQ (Clearnet)


Daniel's Hosting (Clearnet)

PHPMyAdmin (Clearnet) or Adminer (Clearnet)

   *Note: Username = Your onion link | PSW = Your account password (You can change it here: Onion_Link or Clearnet_link

SquirrelMail (Clearnet)

   *Note: Your mail is [email protected] or  [email protected] (For clearnet)

   *Note 2: Mail sent to [email protected] gets automatically redirected to your inbox